Our fascinating dentist experience

Our fascinating dentist experience

It was a wonderful experience to comprehend the sources of becoming a dentist

We learned about the quantity of knowledge one must gain to excel in the dental field. We, also, took in the major steps on succeeding in our dental care. The dentist discussed the importance of our teeth, and how to take care of them. In order to take a good care of our teeth, we

Must brush our teeth three times a day (after we finish each meal) in order for them to be kept healthy and strong. If you have a toothache, go to the dentist and see what the problem is

Should not eat harmful food (caramel, candies, bubble gums, soda…) as they can damage our gum leaving unsustainable bacteria in our teeth

We were so grateful to be chosen as participants to represent our school


By : Tisnime Hamid + Kenza Abboud

14 يوليو، 2017
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